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We have Harley-Davidson® factory trained technicians on staff in our service department who know your machine inside and out.

Our service department has over 100 years of combined experience. There's only one way to make sure that your Harley-Davidson® is in the best of hands; bring it to Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson®'s factory authorized Service Department.

We have four Harley-Davidson® Red Seal Journeyman Master Technicians, with several apprentices for our in house training program.

*During our peak riding season, pick up & delivery charge of $40 may apply. Finance Parts, Service & Gear


Storing your baby at Gasoline Alley
Harley-Davidson®? is more than just a space for your bike! Storage also includes all our winterization procedures:

-Free Pick Up & Delivery in the winter
months (November thru March)
-Bike Wash
-Top up with premium fuel and stabilizer
-Proper inflation of tire pressure
-Maxi fuse pulled to disarm security system
and maintain battery

-Off-site insured, security monitored heated


  • $3/ day for Two Wheels
  • $6/ day for Three Wheels



**The #1 reason your bike won’t start is the key fob battery being dead or in backwards. Positive should be placed down not up when changing the battery**

Boom! Box Software Update Center

Get the latest software for your Boom!™ Box Infotainment System here. Each highly recommended update improves the quality of the system, keeping it running at maximum effectiveness.

Simply review the list, select your infotainment model number, download the file to a USB memory stick. Then insert it in your Boom!™ Box Infotainment System's USB port and follow the onscreen instructions to update your system.

Battery Care

Late model Harley® are equipped with sealed maintenance-free batteries. These do not require adding distilled water. However, they do require periodic charging. The simplest way to do so is by using a battery tender. If you don't already have one, they can be purchased at GA H-D®. This handy little charger allows you to maintain a proper charge year 'round and comes with a lead to attach to your battery. Simply plug it into any wall outlet, snap the two together and the charger will take care of the rest! The system is designed to protect from overcharging; simply unplug the leads whenever you want to ride and plug them back together when you return! Use the system all year long!

Oil & Fluids

Fill your fuel tank and add Genuine Fuel Additive (available at GAH-D). Run the engine long enough for the treated fuel to reach the carburetor or fuel injection system. For carb equipped models, turn off the fuel petcock and run the bike until it quits running. Leave the petcock off until you need to start the bike again. Over several months, fuel can grow stale, even to the point of becoming gummy which clogs the fuel system. Fuel stabilizer helps protect against this.

Store Your Bike Clean

It's a good idea to change the engine oil and filter before storing your bike. The byproducts of internal combustion produce water and acids, which may be damaging to the engine's internals. Now is a good time to change the primary fluids as well. Be sure to use the correct fluids and follow the instructions in the service manual.


Check your tire pressure and correct if needed. You should be doing this between rides anyway, but now is a good time to check as well. Be sure to check it again before riding in the Spring. Need a Tire Pressure Gauge? We have them for you here at GAH-D.


Wash and wax. This will protect your bike's finish from moisture and corrosion. See our complete line of cleaning supplies.

The Finishing Touch

A storage cover is always a good idea. Make sure you do not use a rain cover as they do not allow moisture from condensation to pass through. Harley-Davidson® offers good sturdy covers that range in price and are just the ticket!

How Do I Wash My Bike?

Want to clean your bike quickly? Spray bike with water, use Harley® Quick Wash on the entire bike, loosen bugs with a Harley® Wash Mitt, and rinse off. Dry bike and quickly detail it using Harley® Gloss. Wipe clean with a Harley® Microfiber Cloth.

Want every inch to shine? Start by spraying the bike, then apply Harley® Wheel and Tire Cleaner. Scrub wheels with the Harley® Wheel and Spoke Brush and rinse clean. Remove bugs by adding Harley® Bug Remover and wipe bugs off using the Harley® Soft Detailing Pad, then rinse clean.

Fill a Harley® Wash Bucket with water and add 1oz of Sunwash (Harley® Denim Paint Cleaner for Denim Paint Sets). Use a Harley® Wash Mitt to wash the rest of the bike. Rinse clean. Using a Harley® Soft Cloth, apply a thin coating of Harley® Gloss to the paint surface after washing. Buff and polish the paint using a Harley® Microfiber Cloth. Then using a Harley® Soft Cloth, apply a a coating of Chrome Clean and shine to chrome. Buff and polish using a Harley® Microfiber Cloth.


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